About Awe Collective (Formerly Salt)

Awe: an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful, or the like.

Sometimes, you want more than just colorful creative, innovative ideas and more access to media. Sometimes, a gargantuan guest list just isn’t good enough. And sometimes, you want more than a tired old playbook reinvented repeatedly to serve a new purpose. In short, if your current marketing and PR firm isn’t wowing you beyond your wildest dreams, you haven’t looked hard enough.

Enter Awe. More than just a moniker, it’s a mindset. An utterance we want each and every client to mutter, and an emotion we aspire to elicit through every event and plan we produce. A sign of a job done right, and something that can only be achieved when we’ve exceeded traditional publicity goals and business growth beyond the limits of human imagination. Whether your goal is to succeed in the residential, commercial, restaurant, lifestyle, events, entertainment or hospitality industries, we promise we won’t rest until we’ve left each and every client with that desirable, and yet indescribable, “awe” feeling following every new endeavor we take on.


Ty Largo

Principal / Creative Director
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One minute he’s calling a magazine editor. The next, he’s elbow-deep in developer code. With a mixed background in public education, graphic design, IT, marketing and music, Ty’s broad superpowers thread together all the tricky moving parts of a campaign. Order him a Negroni at Shaker (our in-studio cocktail bar – what, you don’t have one?) and he’ll be your new best friend.


Kalia Pang

Senior Publicist
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This classy combo of beauty/brains threw the most-successful non-profit fundraiser our client had ever witnessed. From phone calls to photo shoots, Kalia is an on-the-go publicist who moonlights as a pro model. Her time in front of and behind the lens gives her the unique perspective needed to shake out media while simultaneously flipping through the latest issue of Vogue.


Elma Delic

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This Yugoslavian-born PR powerhouse is a proud University of Arizona alum, and her political successes and nonprofit prowess speak for themselves. A former lobbyist and mouthpiece for more than 140,000 university students, Elma brings to the table a wealth of experience in both non and for-profit strategic communications, in addition to a prominent portfolio of account experience throughout the Phoenix area.


Stefanie Gastelum

Marketing Manager
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Just try to pry that sharpie outta her hand. You'll find scribbled storyboards in place of old-fashioned shopping lists on her fridge. Stefanie pulls from those mythical parts of the brain that most veteran ad execs can only pray to tap some day. OK. lets cut the formalities and just say she's a strategic marketing mastermind.


Courtney Markgraf

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A self-proclaimed typography nerd, Courtney has the zeal, spiel and aesthetic appeal to get your brand trending, and consumers spending. This versatile designer keeps a keen eye on the latest happenings in web design, marketing, advertising and interactive technologies, and she won't sleep until every last inch of her designs are pixel-perfect.


Chianne Nass

Office Manager
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The only things more colorful than her tattoos are her stories. (Come see her storytelling chair in the studio.) Chianne manages agency workflow, pens copy and keeps clients well informed on everything from billing to the next Shaker happy hour. Most importantly, she schedules Recess, (think board games + Dinty Moore + Four Peaks beer).