Awe-Inspiring Branding, PR, Marketing and Advertising

Local, regional, national, global and galactic... Awe Collective (formerly Salt), gets companies seen, heard, understood and ultimately, we make them successful. The waves from our advertising, public relations, marketing and social media superpowers can be felt from vertigo-inducing skyscraper billboards seen by thousands, to individual cupped hand-to-ear whispers.

We know the tiniest problem can be incredibly complex while the biggest problems can be elegantly simple. At the core, we’re problem identifiers and solvers with an unmatched collective of talent. You can put us to “the test,” but chances are, we made “the test.”

Now let’s start inspiring.


Public Relations +
Social Media

Newspapers and magazines, radio interviews and  TV segments, ribbon cuttings and can’t-miss red carpet events… incredible, awestricken in-depth coverage can be yours when you team up with Awe Collective. Telling compelling stories about your business and brand isn’t just a component of our body or work – it’s our bread and butter, and we’ll utilize a carefully crafted combination of communications efforts to engage your key audience and create lasting impressions both within your target market and beyond.  

The Awe Collective values its established relationships with the media, both professionally and personally. Reporters and editors aren’t just our colleagues, they’re tennis buddies – and they don’t just answer our calls; they call us, too. Our reach extends far beyond the region to encompass both national and global contacts, and we utilize traditional and social mediums of all types to craft the media placement necessary to hit your target audience at the right time, and with the right message – securing the right results.

Local, National, Global Publicity

Press Releases

Wire Distribution

Media Tours + Fam Trips

Social Media Strategy

Event Planning

Public Affairs

Crisis Communications 


Online Reputation Management

Media Monitoring + Reporting

Satellite Media Tours

Media Training + Coaching


Integrated Marketing

"Must love solving problems." It's at the top of every job listing here at Awe. Our strategists specialize in mining the data, pounding the streets and striking the chord within you that elicits a feeling of wonder, excitement or energy unlike that which you experience in your day-to-day life. With the research in hand and the measurable goals identified from day one, our creative crew crafts the marketing battle plan that sells more tickets, rents more condos, puts more butts in seats and clears product shelves - and all with the creative flair that can only be described as awe-inspiring. 

Marketing Research

Strategy Development + Planning

Competitive Analysis

Brand Positioning

Creative Development

Social + Digital Strategy

Targeted Social Media

Content Strategy + Development



Advertising is not just about volume - it's about message, and, when done right, a tiny quarter-page ad should spark a multi-million dollar spike in sales. Our campaigns make the emotional connection that disrupts the everyday noise around your target market and spurs them to action. Big-budget billboards, radio spots, commercials, direct-mail, Facebook ads and even those creepy online banner ads that follow from website to website... we've got it covered, and we'll leave you awestruck.

Advertising Strategy + Planning

Strategic Media Buying

Captivating Campaigns

Digital + Traditional Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Mobile Advertising


Event Planning + Marketing

"How the hell did we sell out in hours?"  - Actual client quote

We're been behind the scenes of many such events in the region, from auctions to beer festivals and scene-to-be-seen red carpet galas. And we don't just earn stellar publicity for the awe-some events in the nation; we've actually conceived and produced a few of our own. Our ability to anticipate and identify our client's diverse event needs - from first-rate ribbon cuttings to talk-of-the-town grand openings and extraordinary, eye-catching special events - is what sets us apart in an industry where your reputation is only as strong as your latest soiree.

Event Planning

Grand Openings

Talent Booking

VIP Guest Lists

Launch Parties

Experiential Branding + Booths


Branding + Graphic Design

Beyond business cards and logos, every customer experience for your company can be carefully crafted by the Awe squad. From promotional products to must-have merchandise and edgy, outside-the-box street art to high-end, luxurious accoutrements and aesthetics, we don't just understand and interpret design - we eat, sleep and dream it.

Successful branding is achieved when consistent messaging runs rampant wherever your customers are. Science and art blend together as Awe's professional design team turns any brand, of any size, into fierce competition for global companies.

Logos + Branding

Collateral Development

Mobile Development

Graphic Identity Kits

Ad Campaign Creative

Digital + Traditional

Website Design