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Scratching through the snow: print & digital advent holiday card.

Direct mail isn’t dead, and this custom holiday scratcher mailer proved it

Each year, AWE Collective sends out over 2,000 holiday cards (see the Biz Journal story) But don’t think lame agency group photos or reworked holiday versions of the agency logo.

Instead, we thought —How can a direct mail holiday card be interactive, worth saving and able to drive digital engagement… all while featuring client products, gift prizes and fun for fans? Enter AWE’s custom scratcher holiday card — a 25-day advent calendar where once a day, fans could scratch off a date to reveal a unique passcode to enter at Fans then matched the passcode to the corresponding animated snowman to reveal a fun message and gift! Think free Cartel coffees, subscriptions to PHOENIX Magazine, head-to-head Ms. Pac Man matches, behind-the-scenes footage of the AWE team, bottles of gin, churros and even lumps of coal!

And no cheating was allowed – daily passcodes weren’t activated until 8AM each day, forcing fans to patiently play along.
The Result
Fans interacted for 25 days straight, scratching and matching each day. Our card sat next to their keyboard – and stayed out of the trash. Fans claimed prizes by visiting the studio and client businesses to redeem giveaways. It was a hit – and so much so, in fact, that on day 16, we forgot to activate the day’s passcode and the agency owner received more than two dozen texts and emails reporting the error before 10AM!