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Why You Can’t Miss Another AWE Party, Ever Again

In this business, party-planning is part of the game, and to put it bluntly, some do it better than others. While we’re not the types to toot our own horns (I mean…), we’re willing to bet that the parties we put on here at AWE are among the radest and most memorable ones you’ll attend each year. James Beard Award-winning eats? Of course. Inventive craft cocktails from Arizona’s most lauded mixologist? Check. Unconventional games, giveaways and guests? You can bet on it. The bottom line is, inducing AWE is what we do, and throwing a killer party in the process is a great excuse to further perfect our craft. Here’s how.

We Have the Best Clients
Seriously. Sit next to some of them at our next dinner party and you’ll see what we mean. From colorful storytellers to some of the biggest names in food, music and more, AWE’s colorful client roster makes for an unforgettable guest list.

Our Invitations Make an Impact
They also might make noise. Or taste incredible. You never know unless you sign up for inclusion on our guest list, but trust us when we say we understand the value of the first impression, and we take pride in making a memorable one.

We Offer Free-Flowing Drinks
Our parties feature many a toast (often unconventional ones at that!) but nevertheless, we’re sticklers about making sure drinks are always in-hand. From local beers to Cartel Cold Brew concoctions, our guests often come first for the drinks and stick around for the company. Take our signature Butterfly Gin: An electric-colored spirit served up at our rebrand party, featuring a fusion of CaskWerks Distilling Co.’s award-winning gin distilled with butterfly pea-flower tea for a floral and bright spirit, paired perfectly with elderflower liqueur or in a tea gin & tonic. Stop by for a pour today!

We Can Concoct a Killer Theme
Some people love theme parties, and some folks live and die for ‘em. At AWE, we fall into the latter category, and we’ve spent countless years learning and perfecting the art of interweaving a common theme throughout every aspect of our affairs, from the invitation and dress code to the musical selection and munchies.
There you have it! Next time we throw a party, be there, or be talked about. To sign up for inclusion on our guest list, visit our website.