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Embrace the Snap: Top 3 Ways to Market Your Brand on Snapchat

For today’s savvy social media mavens, Snapchat is an absolute must. And contrary to popular belief, its exponential growth isn’t exclusive to millennials. On the contrary, Snapchat now reaches more than 41 percent of American 18 – 34-year-olds, and one of its fastest-growing demos is folks over 25.
A great way to not only build brand awareness, but to develop an entire experience and story you can share directly with fans and followers, Snapchat, at its core, sends photo or short videos that disappear after a few seconds. Face-swapping features, colorful, customizable filters and other accompaniments have made it a major hit among millennials and older crowds alike, so here’s how we recommend today’s business start leveraging this critical tool to their benefit.
Host “Influencer” Events
Find out who the most followed snappers or bloggers are in your area – or your demographic, or your desired demographic – and then invite them to events that are so interesting, so unforgettable and so Snap-worthy that they simply can’t help but share the experience with their hordes of online hangers-on. Bonus points for dedicated Snap filters, or if your guests of online honor capture a behind-the-scenes moment or two at your soiree.
Cross-Promote With Other Platforms
Your business must already have a slew of successful social media platforms, yes? If no, let us help. Then make use of that much-loved Instagram feed by posting about and promoting your Snapchat account, i.e. “Follow us on Snapchat to see a sneak peek at: our new menu item . . . behind the scenes of our event . . . a special offer, etc.” Facebook and Twitter can serve similar purposes, so take your already successful feeds and use them to spark interest in your new one.
Offer Snap-Exclusive Offers, Promos + How-Tos
Another way to increase your Snap-traffic is to offer exclusive discounts or giveaways to those who screenshot certain Snaps. For example, say you’re running a restaurant, and it’s an especially slow night. Send out a Snap offering 25 percent off, a free beer or what have you for all guests who show a screenshot of the Snap within the next three hours, and watch those seats fill up fast.
Businesses of all sizes are increasingly uncovering the power of the Snap, and some of today’s biggest names in food, film (Jurassic World, anyone?), travel and entertainment rely on it daily to enhance fan connections, increase foot traffic and tell their stories. Whether you’re new to the Snap-world or just looking to up your Snap-game, utilize these key tips and you’re bound to score some new business.