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In. Fb. Tw. Li.

Creating an Event Theme: Turning Every Challenge Into "Mission: Possible"

The Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC) joined forces with AWE Collective once again to breathe new life into the organization’s biggest fundraiser of the year and help SARRC obtain the financial resources it needs to fuel its efforts in the days, months and years to come.
The task? Take a 17-year-old annual event with a sweet and endearing, albeit slightly dated, theme, and turn it into one that packs a powerful, inspirational message about how anything is possible. Having already worked together successfully on two previous campaigns, SARRC entrusted the AWE team once again to do what it’s already done twice before – pump up the volume, deliver those unforgettable mic-drop moments and encourage some major moves and gains to the benefit of Arizona’s autism community.
To drive home the “anything is possible” message, which is evidenced by the countless strides SARRC has made within the last year and the plans it has for the years ahead, AWE came up with a “Mission: Possible” theme, pulling inspiration from JFK’s famous speech about landing a man on the moon – an effort also once considered impossible. SARRC and the region’s autism community have similarly faced countless “impossibilities,” over the years, from the notable shortage of certified diagnostic professionals in the area to the absence of necessary educational and therapeutically resources available for those who fall on the spectrum.

The end result was a refreshed, reimagined and reinvigorated special 2-hour event that secured over $800,000 for the regional autistic community, inspired an abundance of new initiatives and ideas and proved that the possibilities truly are endless when enough people come together for a common cause. Blast off into AWE’s creative dimension for SARRC below.